"ITIL Thoughts" (from the Dr. ITIL archives)

By Mark Hollands, CIO Magazine, June 2004.

"Why the push for better governance is rekindling interest in a 15-year-old methodology for improving IT delivery and support.

Do ITIL hands make light work? This question may completely bamboozle you if you are not familiar with the British-based, Information Technology Infrastructure Library (ITIL) that has been attracting a surge of interest in IT departments recently. It comprises 30 books of methodology for achieving repeatable standards of IT service delivery and support. Stephen King or Colleen McCullough, it ain’t.

Its aim is to increase efficiency and simultaneously decrease expense by allying IT operations to business goals. It all sounds a bit nirvana-like, to be honest. These methodologies have been around since the late 80s and, with the exception of the British and Dutch, few countries have adopted its philosophy on any scale...

...ITIL, so long an industry wallflower, is about to get its turn on the dance floor."

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