The Focus Is On Problem Management Today!

Today Dr. ITIL takes a very special focus on ITIL Problem Management.

Featuring four specially selected, diverse and fascinating articles which help you to build up your knowledge of this vital process in real-life. Not just the theory.

Root Cause Analysis techniques and how to develop them are also a running feature throughout today's articles.

"The Lost World Of Problem Management" - Karen Ferris.
- Takes a critical look at how organisations manage the Problem Management Function, somtimes incorrectly confusing it with the Incident Management function. Good introduction.

"Root Cause Analysis For Beginners" - James R. Rooney and Lee N. Vanden Heuvel.
- Don't be fooled by the title! This white paper really takes you through your paces and leaves you much wiser than before you started with definitions, techniques and how to graphically present root cause analysis. An excellent tutorial.

"Prevention or Blame" - From Think Reliability.
- Examines the more cultural aspects of managing the Problem Management function with a particular emphasis on how organizations suffer when they adopt use 'blame' as a way of eliminating root cause. This one get's you thinking about the people aspects of ITIL service delivery.

"Why Can't You Get To Root Cause?" - Introducing the TapRoot toolset.
- There is a distinct lack of root cause analysis tools that can be generically applied across technology, service and business problems - well here's a brilliant one! Built after years of research into real-life problems - TapRoot is as simple or as complex as your problems are. Take a look and think through what tools your organisation is lacking in this area.