"ITIL adoption is growing like a weed" reports David L. Margulius, at InfoWorld.com

Extract from, "Taking a page from ITIL's best practices", by David L. Margulius.

ITIL adoption is growing like a weed.

Four years ago, ITIL was already in high gear in Europe, but almost no one in the United States had heard of it.

Today a rapidly growing North American industry of consultants, conferences, and training resources is spreading the ITIL gospel and helping customers implement it. “We can’t keep up with the demand from organizations like the big airlines, government departments, and banks and insurance companies,” says David Ratcliffe, CEO of Pink Elephant, an ITIL consultancy based in Toronto.

“It’s spreading like wildfire across large U.S. companies,” says Kathryn Pizzo, a group program manager at Microsoft’s consulting division.

That growth raises some interesting big-picture questions about the future of IT: Could ITIL, with its concept of a CMDB (centralized configuration management database), be the catalyst for the widespread realization of utility computing? And will success with ITIL hinge more on automating processes, as vendors would like us to believe, or on getting human beings to work more efficiently?

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