What is ITIL and where did it come from?

Article from Bios Magazine - by Richard Foden.

ITIL, or the IT Infrastructure Library, was the brainchild of the UK government, and dates back to 1989, when the first five books became available. ITIL was originally targeted at the UK government's own IT staff to deliver a better service to internal customers.

This was in the days when new 'structured approaches', were taking the industry forward into a more organised world.Accordingly, it was felt that a similar more structured approach to managing live, installed services would deliver similar benefits.

Indeed the view was that there was considerable room for improvement in terms of actually delivering services. The staff doing this task were predominantly in 'operations' and were generally very much behind the scenes staff.

...In fact, a significant strength of ITIL, and much of its resilience and applicability rests upon the professional qualifications, the training leading to those qualifications, and the support amongst and between professionals available through the itSMF, the world-wide not for profit organisation that represents both user and vendor professionals in IT service management....

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