ITIL Refresh - Read the 20 Page Consultation Document Here

The OGC's Consultation paper on the future of ITIL is now available.

From their website, the OGC explains:-

"The following list contains the top suggestions for scope that the participants feel will improve ITIL best practices and make them continue to be relevant to the ITSM community.

ITIL should:

1. provide consistent structure and navigation throughout the entire library.

2. preserve the key concepts of Service Support and Service Delivery. The basic concepts are still relevant but could be improved by expanding on them.

3. include best practices that extend deeper into service management concepts. This will reflect ITIL’s relevance to business in a more tangible way and can be built into business processes and cycles.

4. provide guidance on the softer issues of organisational structures, cultural issues and an
understanding of the interfaces to other best practices that help support effective ITIL practices in the workplace

5. provide a knowledge management strategy to support the service management needs of
business and IT environments today and tomorrow.

Relatively stable core material would form the base framework. It would be complemented by focussed and topical material in the form of case studies, templates, subject matter expert white papers, implementation packages and business cases, keeping ITIL practices current over time by sharing the wealth of community experience.

6. demonstrate and articulate value, benefits and ROI to establish the value proposition for ITIL.

7. reflect the reality of today’s business, operational, procurement and technical environments including the use of ITIL in multi-sourced environments.

Based on the overall consensus of views, the assembly of the next version of ITIL would include a few key changes:

■ Restructuring of the layout and navigation to be consistent across all books in the library.

■ Addition of new topics not currently covered in the guidance.

■ A combination of new volumes as well as the absorption of existing guidance into new and other existing books.

■ The elimination of some existing books.

■ The addition of value added product to support the core library.

■ Updates to the qualifications scheme and syllabus."

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