Want a Cost Effective Way to Measure your ITIL Compliance?

Did you know an average ITIL assessment can generate between 4,500 and 10,000 pieces of information? MeasureITIL have developed a highly intuitive software package that will enable the rapid and in-depth tracking of ITIL compliance across all processes. From their website we learn:-

"How do you manage, let alone make sense of that volume of metrics?

Well measureITIL® is purpose built for the job. Developed under licence from OGC®, it contains the full set of ITIL® compliance assessments.

This web-based software captures, collates, analyses and reports all ITIL® self-assessment data.

It also retains compliance assessment history, tracks compliance progress and keeps tabs on all the ITIL related work being undertaken. It will report the real world picture by providing respondents with a percentage range of compliance so status and progress can be reported more accurately.

The greatest benefits of measureITIL® flow to the following three roles:-

ITIL® ManagerConnects all stakeholders allowing tracking and monitoring implementation progress

ITIL® ConsultantEliminates unproductive time spent collecting and collating data and developing reports

ITIL® AuditorCollects all necessary data for independent Verification and Validation activities"

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