ITIL for the CIO: Answers to Frequently Asked Questions

What is ITIL? What are the benefits of implementing ITIL? What are other Organizations doing with ITIL? These are some of the questions answered by David Pultorak in his recent article for Tech Republic Online (

Pultorak lists the main benefits derived from an ITIL implementation include increased:

- Competitive advantage through cost reduction and by enabling growth and agility by the flexibility and scalability inherent in standardized processes and service organization

- Business efficiency through streamlining of IT processes and better alignment between vital business functions and IT services

- IT value through business and IT operational and goal alignment

- Improved internal customer and user satisfaction

- Speed and completeness of compliance with regulatory authorities, through a defensible standard model on which control objectives can be built

We would add the following to his list too:-

- Increased Service agility and 'speed to respond' to changes in service demand, due to the correct inferfaces and touchpoints in place between IT and the business lines, providing advance warning of changes in demand

- Improved visibility of cost to deliver service and a deeper understanding of resource efficiency and effectiveness through adoption of granular metrics, KPI's and reporting

- Increased senior/executive perception of IT being 'value for money' and adds real value to the business lines

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Do you have any more benefits to add to our lists? Have you specifically realised additional benefits that you did not originially set out to achieve? Why not share them (even anonymously) by posting a quick piece of your thinking...

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