At Last - A Practical Guide To Management Processes

A brilliant new book from the HDI, "Implementing Service & Support Management Processes: A Practical Guide", might be just what you are looking for to give your ITIL initiatives a major boost.

This book contains proven and practical implementation, maintenance, and optimization advice for processes key to the IT service and support center environment.

Authored by several widely respected practitioners and experts, Implementing Service and Support Management Processes provides advice and assistance on how to best implement service management using the experience of those with a strong track record of success in the "real world."

Developed for service and support managers as a reference to setting up and evolving current support center organizations, the book provides prescriptive guidance to implementing ITIL® processes and other support center processes not in ITIL, and provides a focus on operational metrics for the support center.

This book is published by Van Haren Publishing, international experts in products specializing in IT management best practices and IT Service Management.

Description of the book

Processes covered in the book are: Financial and Operations Management; Knowledge Management; Configuration Management; Change Management; Release Management; Incident Management; Problem Management; Service Level Management; Capacity and Workforce Management; Availability Management; IT Service Continuity Management; and Customer Satisfaction Measurement.

Process chapters include introductions and overviews; key inputs and outputs; possible problems; little things that always get forgotten; implementation; ongoing operation; communication; responsibilities and deliverables; KPIs; optimization; measurement and reporting; and checklists, templates, and sample documents.

Who is this book for?

A majority of the processes covered the book are also ITIL processes. However, the book takes the ITIL framework to a practical level for support center managers by providing detailed directions on how to utilize its structure.

If your organization is planning to implement ITIL, the book will be extremely valuable to planning and actual implementation.

If your organization is not planning to implement ITIL, the book will provide valuable guidance for process improvement and best practice process structure.

Business managers will find the book helpful in understanding and establishing best practice support center services that interact strategically and operationally with the overall IT organization.

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