Easier Benchmarking: The Process Clasification Model

Ever needed a complete list of processes that an entire IT Services Division or complete Business could ever need to implement for the benefit of their Customers? Ever required cross-industry standard clasifications to enable easier benchmarking comparisons?

Well, today Dr. ITIL provides you with direct access to the Process Clasification Framework (PCF).

The PCF was developed by APQC (www.apqc.org) and member companies as an open standard to facilitate improvement through process management and benchmarking regardless of industry, size, or geography.


Experience shows that benchmarking’s potential to drive dramatic improvement lies squarely in making out-of-the-box comparisons and searching for insights not typically found within intra-industry paradigms.

To enable this beneficial benchmarking, the APQC Process Classification FrameworkSM (PCF) serves as a high-level, industry-neutral enterprise model that allows organizations to see their activities from a cross-industry process viewpoint.

The PCF organizes operating and management processes into 12 enterprise-level categories, including process groups and over 1,500 processes and associated activities.

The PCF and associated measures and benchmarking surveys are available for download and completion at no charge at:-

Access The PCF Here

An internationally recognized resource for process and performance improvement, APQC helps organizations adapt to rapidly changing environments, build new and better ways to work, and succeed in a competitive marketplace. With a focus on productivity, knowledge management, benchmarking, and quality improvement initiatives, APQC works with its member organizations to identify best practices, discover effective methods of improvement, broadly disseminate findings, and connect individuals with one another and the knowledge, training,
and tools they need to succeed. Founded in 1977, APQC is a member-based nonprofit serving organizations around the world in all sectors of business, education, and government. APQC
is also a proud winner of the 2003 and 2004 North American Most Admired Knowledge Enterprises (MAKE) awards. This award is based on a study by Teleos, a European-based research firm, and the KNOW network.