ITIL Process Mapping - Two Tools For Thought

Two powerful process mapping tools are featured in this post. One is ITIL and BS15000 centric, the other is more generic but features some powerful real-time modelling features.

The ability to map processes or model process flows based on "what if" scenarios used to be the stuff Service Manager's dreams were made of... but not anymore.

Process Mapping tools are one of the fastest growing tools sectors in the Service Management world. Here are two key one's:-


The first tool is FoxPrism from Fox IT. This is a web-based process mapping tool that assists in the design and management of Service Management processes and the implementation of Service Management technology.

Based on ITIL best practice processes, FoxPrism provides a customizable framework onto which organizations can map and build their own process models.

Documentation of processes is a vital starting point for the implementation of Service Management processes. FoxPrism can be particularly useful when used after a baseline assessment and gap analysis as the next step to process improvements.

By identifying what currently takes place, organizations can begin to understand where gaps in process occur and establish where quick wins and sustained service improvements can be achieved.


iGrafx® Process™ 2005 is a leading process analysis and simulation tool that enables even the most complex processes to be understood, modeled and improved. Although not ITIL compliant or ITIL focussed it offers a wealth of powerful features that may compensate for this, depending on your needs.

As a cornerstone of process improvement for more than a decade, iGrafx Process has helped leading companies understand, improve, deploy and communicate best-practice processes. By targeting high-impact customer facing processes, users can greatly improve customer satisfaction, retention and returns.

With comprehensive modeling techniques combined with intelligent process mapping, iGrafx Process 2005 brings the benefits of process analysis within reach of simulation experts and non-experts alike.

In a way not possible with other modeling techniques such as complex spreadsheets, iGrafx process models respond to changing schedules of resource availability, customer demand patterns or random events such as machine down time. Powerful reports help you support and communicate your findings. A Six Sigma version is also available.

For more information - please click on a link below:-

FoxPrism Link

iGrafx Link

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