ITIL Implementation Strategy: Free Resources

The ITIL Implementation Strategies Teleseminar took place yesterday and I was extremely pleased with how everything went!

Randy Steinberg, my guest for the call, packed tons of great content into the call - covering your top 12 most burning questions.

I would like to acknowledge Randy for his sterling contribution to this event and also thank everyone who sent in their most burning question.

We had so many questions, I had to group them into categories (12 in total) to ensure that we got through the content in the allotted 2 hours.

The 12 questions Randy covered in detail were:-

Q1. How can you best 'sell' ITIL to the board / Senior Management and persuade them that ITIL is the right thing to do in the first place?

Q2. How do you obtain buy-in for ITIL and overcome objections from anti-process colleagues?

Q3. How do you define and measure the ROI of ITIL in order to prove its value?

Q4. How do you maintain momentum and buy-in as the ITIL Implementation programme proceeds?

Q5. What 'soft skills' are required to implement ITIL?

Q6. How do you go about implementing ITIL at the very beginning - from scratch? What are the very fist steps I should take?

Q7. After alert monitoring, alert management and the helpdesk - where should I commence my ITIL implementation programme?

Q8. What are the main reasons why ITIL implementations fail? How can you overcome these reasons?

Q9. Can ITIL be used with other methodologies - such as CoBIT and Six Sigma? If so, how?

Q10. How do you implement ITIL in small (or not-for-profit) Organizations?

Q11. Where do you start to begin implementing the CMDB?

Q12. Where do you start to begin implementing a Service Catalog?

Randy answered all these questions in detail - and then some!

I have made all the following materials freely available to you:-

- Audio Download of the Teleseminar (listen to it on your iPOD!)

- Teleseminar Executive Summary Notes (key bullets of each answer)

- Full transcript of the Teleseminar (professionally edited PDF)

- Online Resource Guide (over 20 accompanying links to PDF's)

Randy also gave away two quality bonus items:-

- The Complete PDF of Chapter Three of his book, "Implementing ITIL", which provides a strategic view of all the key stages of ITIL implementation programmes.

- An ITIL'ized version of the DICE Model (Excel spreadsheet and PDf guide) which helps you to understand the overall chances of success that your ITIL Implementation projects currently face - and how you can improve your chances of success.

To access all of the above material and keep up to date with the release of the mystery bonus resources - you only have to visit:-

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