Help Shape The Future Of ITIL ®

Since ITIL's® last revision, the adoption, consumption and use of the ITIL® core publications has expanded to world-wide use.

Changes in marketplaces, technologies and business requirements have heightened the need for a review of ITIL® content. The objective of the scoping project is to revitalise the ITIL® publications to reflect the expanding global marketplace, the present and future trends of IT service management and the diversity of the global IT service workforce.

The scoping and development project will determine the content changes, additions and the development strategy by May 2005. A large part of the scoping work is focused on consultation with stakeholders who use ITIL®.

This will be achieved through a series of surveys, meetings, and workshops over the coming months.The IT Service Management Forum International (itSMFI) and participating national itSMF Chapters is a key partner with OGC in this initiative.

The opinions of members from every Chapter of itSMF are important to the future success of ITIL®.An executive sub-committee of the itSMFI, the International Publications Executive Sub Committee (IPESC), has joined the ITIL® refresh project by offering to coordinate the solicitation of Chapter member opinion on ITIL® by conducting this survey.

Your itSMF Chapter is a participating member of the IPESC and are pleased to offer you an opportunity to share your views on the future of ITIL®. The itSMF encourage you to participate by completing this brief survey.

About the survey:-
- Your responses to this survey will be reviewed in their entirety by the ITIL® Refresh scoping project team.
- You may be contacted to provide clarification or additional information, therefore it is mandatory to provide contact details in the general information section.
- The survey contains five main sections:-
1. General information about who you are
2. Your use and experience with ITIL®
3. Existing ITIL® best practice guidance
4. Potential new ITIL® best practice content
5. Potential new ITIL® products and delivery mediums

Help shape the future of ITIL - take the survey now:-