Invoq ITSM Study Finds 86% of Enterprises Rate Their IT Event Resolution Process and Systems as Inadequate

Invoq's ( study found that 92% of respondents believed that the IT services being managed were "mission critical" to the overall success of their Company; however, only 22% have formally quantified the costs of a service outage.

Given the importance of the business services under management, the participants were asked to gauge their satisfaction with quality of the IT event resolution processes currently deployed by their firm: 86% of respondents ranked the current process as inadequate.

For these respondents, the leading causes for dissatisfaction with the process were as follows:

-- 18% Stated process is reactive, not proactive
-- 13% Reported many of their IT Events go undetected or unassigned
-- 13% Noted that IT Events were often misdirected due to bad data in the system
-- 13% Felt human error was too often a factor
-- 11% Said events are not realized until the end user calls the helpdesk
-- 9% Claimed IT Staff deny alert

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