Management of Infrastructure Change Through ITIL

Today Dr. ITIL is pleased to feature a complete Change Process Framework Document from the academic world. Bruce Callow of the Information & Communication Technology Services
Division of IS at The Griffith University, Australia, has produced an excellent document complete with a walk through of how ITIL Change Management operates.

Bruce states:-

"There is no doubt that the implementation of the Change Process Framework has
delivered benefits to Griffith University and will deliver more as it matures
. Some of the
learnings include:

• The use of simplified change categories and priorities has proven to be successful as staff can concentrate on the quality of the planning, testing and implementation rather than becoming
confused as to what process to follow.

• The use of checklists at the RFC review points (approval and authorisation) allows for expectations to be set and thus direct improvement into selected aspects (i.e., testing, planning, etc) of the change implementation.

• The use of a short pilot of the process before live operation proved to be extremely helpful to finalise the design and the supporting tool.

• Upfront, the staff appeared to be very keen and “asked” for such a process to be implemented. However, as with all organisational process change, when the time came to work within the process, constant coaching was needed.

• Communication of the project, the process and ongoing coaching is important for success.

• The implementation and on-going operation does require dedicated resources. It is estimated that approximated .25 of an experienced resource is required to maintain the operation of the framework."

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