ITIL and Your IT Organizational Structure

"Looking at typical IT departments you often find a group of dedicated and hard working individuals; where you expect the sum of the whole outweighs the sum of the constituent parts. However this expectation often falls short in reality, enviably resulting in IT department productivity becoming an agenda item at board meetings in for uncomfortable reasons.", writes Robert Gordon of HP. "When such discussion is undertaken many factors are investigated. Technology investment is debated, training and standards are raised, process and procedure is interrogated but how often is organisational structure reviewed? "

A poorly designed structure will sap the effort of team members, wasting their contributions, as they are miss-directed down inappropriate avenues. Finally petering out in a departmental backwater with most of the value evaporated and reflected only in the level of frustration at the contributor’s end.

A well-designed structure born of ITIL principles, mirroring customer objectives rather than political ambitions, will release the latent potential and energy buried under the weight of traditional organisational structures. Resulting in the focus shifting from doing the job right to doing the right job - the difference between efficiency and effectiveness.

Ultimately not paying lip service to theoretical concepts such as 'team work' but actually achieving pragmatic benefits in getting the 'team to work.'"

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