ITIL - The Treasure Trove of IT Best Practice?

How much time do you spend fixing unplanned outages ?

If IT firefighting and last-minute changes often sap your nights and weekends, and you don't know where to begin when a critical system fails, there's hope.

The prescription for this chaos is ITIL (IT Infrastructure Library), a set of best practices for running an IT organization.

ITIL is really common sense. It's what many successful organizations already do--the processes we've learned from the school of hard knocks. ITIL forges a bond between IT, management and external customers by offering them a single language and defined channels for communicating with one another.

ITIL normalizes the language describing best practices. For example, a resolution process like incident management indicates a single failure in ITIL parlance. Problem management, another ITIL resolution process, stitches together all incidents that relate to a particular problem.

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