Learn How To Cost Justify Your ITIL Implementation.

Advertisement Post - By BirchWood Solutions.

We know the theory: ITIL is a good thing.

It is so obvious to ourselves that implementing an ITIL Framework across an organisation would bring so many benefits - we can even list the areas of benefit:

Reduction of IT Costs
Clear Communication via an SLA
Reduced End-User Downtime
Time to Market Opportunities

Yes, it's all perfectly clear to us.

Unfortunately making changes to the way organisations work costs money - and now we are going to have to approach the Finance Director and provide a financial Business Case, and convince him that we can provide a Return in his Investment.

Now suddenly you are facing a whole new set of questions being asked, and the answer you have to give is a number......... and what is worse, it starts with a £ sign:
What is the Value of an SLA?

How much productivity is lost because of downtime - what is the value of this?

Due to improved availability, how much more work can Accounts Clerks process?

If a new service is brought into production a month earlier, how would it impact on our Bottom Line?

Birchwood Solutions specialise in providing Cost Justification Studies resulting in an understandable, quantified Business Case.

Studies of this nature can be provided either through 'Fast Track' Workshops or the more traditional consultative approaches.

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