Problem Management: The Key To Leveraging an ITIL Implementation...

Those wonderful people at Chorus Systems have recently posted a newITIL white paper highlighting some ways to overcome ITIL implementation challenges. Read on...

From the Chorus Systems Hot Link on BiZReport:-

"Abstract: Does your company face challenges when implementing ITIL best practices?

Learn how a successful Problem Management implementation will result in a reduction in incident rates, thereby freeing up resources which are currently allocated to reactive and exhaustive daily support activities. These resources can be successfully redirected towards the planning, design and implementation of other ITIL processes.

One of the key drivers that makes ITIL an attractive blueprint is the overlap when compared to IT Governance initiatives such as COSO, COBIT, and Sarbanes-Oxley.

This white paper will review ITIL processes, describe the overall challenges associated with implementing ITIL,and reveal how implementing effective Problem Management will alleviate the burden on other ITIL processes, and ultimately free up the necessary resources for an overall ITIL implementation."

*Link to White Paper*

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