Service Metrics: How to Leverage Data to Keep Service Goals Aligned to Business Goals

The excellent site hosted by Malcolm Fry is always informative, insightful and pushes the boundaries of where the traditional ITIL Consultants go. In a new article Malcolm examines metrics and goal alignment. From his site we will learn:-

"Let’s look at how we can best leverage data to provide both IT Managers and business managers with useful tools that help them keep IT services closely aligned with business goals.

The benefits of ITIL are often obvious to those who have received ITIL education, read the ITIL books or attended and ITIL conference or training. The first two books in this series focused on advanced ITIL concepts that help ITIL experts build commitment from non-ITIL experts within an organization, by selling what’s important to various constituents, and by better communication the goals outlined in ITIL Service Delivery and Service Support.

In this, the third book in the series, we’re going to continue developing advanced ITIL concepts by focusing on the monitoring and measuring best practices describe in the ITIL Service Support book including:

· Incident Management
· Problem Management
· Change Management
· Release Management
· Configuration Management

Each section of the ITIL Service Support book details a list of metrics that should be considered for those managing that functional area. In total, the book lists about 80 suggested measurements to use for monitoring and measuring performance across these processes.

In this book, we’ll review each ITIL metric individually by quoting the ITIL definition, describing it in clear and concise terms, and making recommendations on how to best leverage the data for both IT managers and business managers. By focusing on these key metrics, you can help illustrate the value of ITIL best practices to those who have responsibility for related functional areas within IT.

We’ll also add to ITIL recommended metrics and introduce Business Alignment Indicators. These key metrics expand the ITIL best practices to highlight information that helps align IT goals and objectives with business priorities."

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