FREE 41 Page Guide To Incident Management

Today, Dr. ITIL is pleased to present a link to a FREE 41 page guide to Incident Management containing process flows, step-by-step process walkthrough, governance advice, the 8 principles of I.M. and much more!

This invaluable guide offers a detailed look at the interfaces between I.M. and other key disciplines as well as explaining the roles and responsibilities involved in I.M.

Key contents also include a breakdown of the key data requirements during the Incident Lifecycle, including:-

o Component Category
o Service Category
o Type
o Impact
o Urgency
o Priority
o Closure Code (Reason Category)
• Date and time recorded
• Name, employee ID of the person and / or group recording the Incident
• Name department phone location of Users calling
• Call-back method (telephone, mail etc)
• Description of symptoms
• Incident status
• Related CI
• Support group or person to which the Incident is assigned
• Resolution and closure date, time, and by whom

Access the FREE 41 Page Guide Here