Managing the IT Configuration - Top Priority

A new independant survey [commissioned by Managed Objects and conducted by Enterprise Management Associates] shows that enterprise IT leaders have made monitoring and managing the IT configuration a top IT priority, with 86% reporting an immediate or long-term need to manage it more accurately.

From the report, we learn, "Other key findings are:

* Configuration management database projects are under way or will begin shortly - 46% of respondents say they have implemented a configuration management database (CMDB) and another 36% are planning an implementation.

* Existing CMDBs are updated infrequently - 48% of respondents said they update the CMDB monthly or even less frequently; only 21% reported updating their information either daily or in real-time.

* Mapping IT relationships and dependencies is a manually intensive process - only 33% reported using software to map relationships between elements in the IT infrastructure."

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