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Service Catalogs are now being offered as a robust capability that no longer simply capture a list of services but also facilitate:-

- Operational Level Agreements, Service Level Agreements (internal & external customer expectations)

- Catalogs of supporting and underlying infrastructures and dependencies (including direct links into the CMDB)

- Hierarchical service models

- Process driven modeling and provisioning (workflow).

Learn much more about Service Catalogs from Boris Pevzner.

Boris has advised CIOs and senior IT executives of leading Fortune 500 companies on realigning IT operations around service-oriented IT delivery models.

His professional pedigree includes Bell Labs, AT&T, MIT, and MathSoft. Boris is currently the Chief Strategy Officer at Centrata, the service management solutions company he co-founded in 2000. He is a frequent speaker at technology conferences on IT transformation, ITIL, and service-oriented IT delivery.

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