BS15000 - An Introductory Guide

BS15000 is set to become an international standard ( ISO20000 ) within two years. It has become one of the most featured requirements in Service Management Contracts across Europe and North America. Learn more about it in this Introductory Guide.

BS15000 is a formal and auditable accreditation scheme based on ITIL and devised by the British Standards Institute (BSi).

BS15000-1 is the formal standard detailing the requirements for compliance in the areas of Management Systems, Service Planning, Process Relationships, Service Delivery, Control, and Release. BS15000-2 is the Code of Practice explaining in more detail the specifications and providing guidance and recommendations on how to achieve accreditation.

The BS15000 standard is viewed across the industry as a crucial step in turning Best Practice into reality for everybody.

Read The Full Introductory Guide Here

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