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ITIL (IT Infrastructure Library) provides a framework of “best practice” guidance for IT Service Management and is the most widely used and accepted approach to IT Service Management in the world.

This pocket guide has been designed as an introductory overview for anyone who has an interest or need to understand more about the objectives, content and coverage of ITIL and is provided by the ITsmf.

This guide describes the key principles of IT Service Management and provides a high-level overview of each of the core publications within ITIL:-

- Service Delivery
- Service Support
- ICT Infrastructure Management
- Planning to Implement Service Management
- Application Management
- The Business Perspective
- Security Management

This guide reinforces the key ITIL message that IT services are there solely to support the business and its efficient and effective operation.

The advice contained within this guide is neither definitive nor prescriptive, but is based on ITIL best practice. The use of ITIL is applicable and is of benefit to all IT organisations irrespective of their size or the technology in use.

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