Taking the ITIL Managers (Masters) Certificate?

Fancy some top tips for the ITIL Exam?

Learn how to pass the ITIL Managers (Masters) Exam.

Suparno Biswas, writing for
www.itsmwatch.com provides his personal views and tips on how to pass the ITIL Managers (Masters) cetificate.

In his article he describes:-

- How To Study For the Managers Certificate
- General Learning Points
- Tips On How To Pass the ITIL exam

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Suparno Biswas is a senior solutions architect at Hewlett-Packard, and has led various teams of engineers, architects and managers to successfully deliver IT infrastructure management projects, both at the pre and post-sales phase. Suparno has fifteen years experience in the computing industry, focusing on enterprise management, software development lifecycle, system architecture and design.

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