eBay Auction Benefits Women with Heart Disease.

At Dr. ITIL we would like to raise awareness of a special eBay auction that's now running to benefit Women with Heart Disease. We have published the email from Ian Lipner to highlight this cause...

Dear Dr. ITIL,

BSM provider Managed Objects would like to request your help in getting the word out on an eBay auction the company is holding for charity. The auction simultaneously benefits a good cause and pokes fun at the overexuberant marketing spending of the bubble era.

The company is auctioning off a bunch of heart monitors that were used as direct mail promos in the 90s and giving 100% of the proceeds to WomenHeart.org, an organization dedicated to preventing heart disease among women. (The heart monitors were sent to sales prospects in a box that read, "there are two ways to gauge how technology impacts your business." Inside the box was a heart monitor device, and a demo version of the company's software.)

The auction runs for 10 days and is available at http://tinyurl.com/9rsrn

The auction can also be found by running a search on eBay for the phrase:-
"tech bubble era".

We'd love your help in getting more people from the Enterprise Network Management community to the auction - it would do a lot to help raise funds for WomenHeart.org. A release is below and available at:-


Thanks as always for your kind consideration,

Ian Lipner for Managed Objects.

From all of us at Dr. ITIL Ian, Good luck with the Auction!