Conference Coverage:- Day 2 - Summary of the Day

Lance Alsup writes - Day 2 was another good day ending with another great keynote from the former Commander of the U.S.S. Benfold and author of “Its Your Ship,” D. Michael Abrashoff.

Mr. Abrashoff’s book is based upon his experiences when taking command and the leadership practices that resulted in a very dynamic turnaround in the crew’s performance.

He was a very effective presenter that engaged the audience throughout the presentation and ended with a standing ovation and a book signing opportunity.

Some of the key points were as follows;

· People are the most valuable commodity
· Meet them at their level
· Open the lines of communication
· Set the objectives and challenge them to determine how to deliver
· Empower your staff and side with them
· When things go wrong, look to yourself first and then focus on how to keep it from

happenning again

This was the most impacting presentation that I attend on this day.

Best Regards,