A Data Architecture for IT Service Management

How about a FREE 40 page guide to help you create your Configuration Management Database?

Unbelievable? Not really. You know us better than that!

My personal thanks go out to Mr. Charlie Betz who runs the excellent "Enterprise Resource Automation" Blog over at (www.erp4it.typepad.com) for sending us THE hottest link that we have seen in a long while to share with Dr. Itil Visitors.

Thanks Charlie! Keep up the good work there. His site is dedicated to the emerging subject of enterprise IT automation.

The 40 page guide is the first of it's kind that we have reviewed in the office and we're so excited by it - we've stayed late tonight to get this thing posted out for you...

This highly practical and well illustrated guide is an essential item for anyone considering how to set-up or improve their CMDB's.

Contents include:-

- Defining the Conceptual Data Model
- IT Governance Information Model
- Configuration Items and Sub Types
- Configuration Item Dependencies
- IT Governance Entities (covering key ITIL disciplines)
- Rrcursive Relationships
- Role Management
- The CRUD (Create, Read, Update, Delete) Matrix
- Final Issues / Open Loops

We hope you enjoy reading it - and take a look at Charlie's site too - especially if you're into your IT Governance. [Robert].

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