"Why Can't You Get To The Root Cause ?"

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TapRoot from System Improvements...

TapRooT® is used by leading companies around the world to investigate and fix the root causes of major accidents, everyday incidents, minor near-misses, quality issues, human errors, maintenance problems, medical mistakes, sentinel events, productivity issues, manufacturing mistakes, production delays, environmental releases, … - in other words, almost every type of problem you can think of.

"At System Improvements, we have spent over a decade researching problem solving, human capabilities and limitations in problem solving, and the wide variety of problem solving tools used around the world.

We also looked at the problem people have finding root causes and investigating accidents and incidents.

What did we learn? First, we learned there are several common problems that people experience around the world.

We have organized these into a "Top 10" list of problems faced by investigators.

They are: -

1. Blame (fear)
2. Wrong Questions (analysis skill/root cause system)
3. No Time to Find Root Causes
4. Crisis Focus
5. Only Learn Reactively
6. Symptom Focus
7. Can't See Outside the Box
8. Fix First - Understand Later
9. Don't Look for Trends
10.No Rewards for Investigators

We then used this list of problems and our research into problem solving to develop a "Must Have" list for a good problem investigation / root cause analysis system.

- Must be easy-to-use but not "too easy".
- Must lead investigator to fixable causes of human performance and equipment problems.
- Must have imbedded expert knowledge.
- Must be usable by regular people (not just PhDs/gurus).
- Must be robust (gets good answers without perfect application).
- Must be tested and produce proven success improving performance
- Must be well documented.
- Must have excellent training.
- Must have database for organizing/sharing/trending data.
- Must have unique categories for trending.

This "Must Have" list is what TapRooT® provides."

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