Dr. ITiL asks - What's in your SLA?

So what's in your SLA? Have you covered all bases?

Here's the minimum list of contents for any decent SLA - check it out and compare it to your standard Service Level Agreements.

What’s in your SLA?

The minimum content that should be in your SLA is:-

a) brief service description
b) validity period and/or SLA change control mechanism
c) authorization details
d) brief description of communications, including reporting
e) contact details of people authorized to act in emergencies, to participate in incidents and problem correction, recovery or workaround
f) service hours, e.g. 9 am to 5 pm, date exceptions (e.g. weekends, public holidays), critical business periods and out of hours cover
g) scheduled and agreed interruptions, including notice to be given, number per period
h) customer responsibilities, e.g. security
i) service provider liability and obligations, e.g. security
j) impact and priority guidelines
k) escalation and notification process
l) complaints procedure
m) service targets
n) workload limits (upper and lower), e.g. the ability of the service to support the agreed number of customers/volume of work, system throughput
o) high level financial management details, e.g. charge codes etc
p) action to be taken in the event of a service interruption
q) housekeeping procedures
r) glossary of terms
s) supporting and related services
t) any exceptions to the terms given in your Appendices