Evergreen Systems Launches Assessment & Roadmap

Evergreen Systems, Inc. Launches ITIL Assessment and Roadmap; Offering Includes Standard Assessment of Organizational IT Processes and Process Framework Action Plan within 45 Days of Engagement STERLING.

Evergreen Systems (www.evergreensys.com) , a leading IT technology and process consulting firm, today announced a new offering, the ITIL Assessment and Roadmap: a fast-track program that includes evaluation of IT infrastructures, and development and implementation of a client-specific ITIL framework within 45 days of engagement.

The launch comes as organizations throughout the U.S. are increasingly contemplating implementation of ITIL standards to achieve superior IT infrastructure and process management, and to deal proactively with new oversight resulting from passage of regulations such as Sarbanes-Oxley and HIPAA.

CIO Magazine recently reported that a Gartner survey shows increasing awareness and adoption of ITIL in U.S. corporations; of those surveyed, ITIL adoption increased from 31 percent in 2003 to 41 percent in 2004, the most recent year for which figures are available.

Evergreen's ITIL Assessment and Roadmap includes:-

- A standard assessment of the maturity of an organization's IT
operations in the areas of
- Service support, including incident, change, release,
configuration and problem management; and
- Service delivery, including capacity, availability,
financial, service level and continuity management.
- Evaluation of an organization in three areas critical to the
success of an ITIL initiative, regardless of size and scope:
- Organizational readiness;
- Technology enablement; and
- Measurements, metrics, and key performance indicators.

Within 30-45 days, Evergreen will also provide clients with the

- A Gap Analysis: Through a series of interactive workshops, and discussion groups, Evergreen will analyze an organization's current state of IT operations, comparing them to ITIL best

- Leveraging an assessment approach based on the Capability Maturity Model(R), Evergreen will rank organizational readiness and maturity to help clients understand the gaps that exist in their current infrastructures; and
- A Roadmap and Action Plan: Using results of the Gap Analysis, Evergreen will develop a comprehensive recommendation plan with actionable steps clients can take to immediately begin
addressing identified issues.

Working with client teams, Evergreen will develop detailed action plans that:-

- Document specific steps for making immediate improvements
in processes;
- Identify necessary changes to organizational structure;
- Better leverage current technology investments.

"Evergreen is launching this service in response to the growing adoption of ITIL as a governing structure in the US," said Evergreen CEO, Don Casson.

"With its singular focus on IT, ITIL is ideally suited for enabling organizations of all sizes to maximize process and investment in IT infrastructure, as well as better preparing them to meet regulatory concerns more effectively.

Evergreen believes it is crucial that we be on the leading edge of providing our clients with a turnkey assessment solution that helps them to move forward with strategic implementation more quickly and efficiently."

For more information or to inquire about receiving an ITIL assessment, please contact Amy Mergler at amy.mergler@evergreensys.com.

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