Kickstart Your ITIL Implementation (or improvement) Programme

Since 2000, Gene Kim and Kevin Behr have met with hundreds of IT organizations and identified eight high-performing IT organizations with the highest service levels, best security, and best efficiencies.

For years, they studied these high-performing organizations to figure out the secrets to their success. Visible Ops codifies how these organizations achieved their transformation from good to great, showing how interested organizations can replicate the key processes of these high-performing organizations in just four steps.

What is Visible Ops?

The ITPI (The Information Technology Process Initiative) developed the Visible Ops methodology because they could not find any satisfactory answer to the question: "I believe in the need for IT process improvement, but where do I start? What do you implement first, and how do you do it.

Other information, publicly available from a variety of sources, is too general and vague to effectively aid organizations that need to start or enhance process improvement efforts.

The Visible Ops Handbook provides a prescriptive roadmap for organizations beginning or continuing their IT process improvement journey.

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