Leveraging Cross-Silo Base Lines To Accelerate ITIL ROI

John Worthington, IT Service Management Consultant at www.MyServiceMonitor.com, has produced a special white paper and made it available to Dr. ITiL readers. We'll let John do the talking...

John explains,

"This paper was written after attending the recent itSMF USA Conference in Chicago, Illinois on September 19th, 2005. With a significant focus on the CMDB and the Service Support processes, I wanted to look at how Service Delivery can also help improve ITSM efforts and the customer’s bottom line.

Indeed, the essence of IT Service Management - a services-oriented approach to the management of IT - must Begin with the End in Mind; a thorough understanding of what’s important from the Business’ perspective.

Once this critical step is completed and management has ‘bought-in’ to the improvement program, the focus is (or should be) quickly directed to acceleration of the gains associated with implementing best practice.

For many, this has been focused heavily on Release & Control processes (i.e., Change / Configuration / Release Management). When the CEO and/or CFO is threatened with jail time, as in the case of Sarbanes-Oxley, risk reduction becomes the order of the day!

However, Release & Control processes take time to implement and neither the CEO nor the CFO intends to take the pressure off of IT to continue to reduce costs. In fact, the pressure to reduce risk could actually increase costs; further stressing already overtaxed IT organizations.

John Heller’s opening keynote, IT Service Management Improves the Value of IT to the Business included a statement on how supply chain challenges increase the importance of ITSM, and other session topics at the recent itSMF Conference including ITSM & Distributed Sourcing: It’s not a question of "If" but of "How" suggests that cross silo performance data will be increasingly important in ITSM implementations.

This paper will describe how one tool (there are others) is enabling companies to leverage real time performance data in IT Service Management deployments to provide performance base lines for critical business services that provide vital context for their associated configuration base line."

In addition, the paper is complemented by an excellent site, where we learn...

A driving force behind MyServiceMonitor is to find ways for clients to leverage emerging technologies and tools on a subscription basis as they implement IT Service Management best practices .

Currently, MyServiceMonitor provides customers with an easy, low risk, and rapid way to establish end-to-end, cross-silo service infrastructure performance base lines, leveraging a unique software technology from eG Innovations which provides the following benefits:

-Quickly provide an end-to-end infrastructure performance baseline for any critical IT service
-Accelerate your staff’s paradigm shift from silos to services
-Improve Time-to-Fix by up to 30% or more
-Rapidly migrate to Proactive Problem Management

By providing these capabilities via a consulting engagement, customers can immediately obtain value, minimize risk and help focus and accelerate deployment of IT Service Management best practice.

As an independent consultant, MyServiceMonitor provides flexible, affordable consulting and accredited ITIL® certification training. Call for a free consultation today!

For more information, contact:
John M. Worthington (201) 826 - 1374


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