Sneak Preview - What Do You Think?

We've been busy creating a new look Blog covering nothing but the ITIL Foundation Exam and how to maximise your success with the multiple choice exam paper.

Now We Need Your Help!

For Dr. ITiL readers only - we are releasing for a limited time - probably only 18 hours or so - a pre-launch glimpse of the new Blog and we would really really value your feedback!

(Now please bear in mind that it's currently low on content and will need some tuning!)

However, we really want to know...

- Do you like the idea?

- Do you think it will prove useful for Foundation Students?

- What do you think of the layout / color schemes?

- What other types of articles / general improvements would prove useful?

Please post a comment below with your thoughts!! We'll take everything on board and get ready for the launch later on in the month...

You can reach the Blog here

Many thanks!

The Dr. ITiL Team.