Your Service Catalog:- Special Delivery = 60 Days

Centrata's ( got a "Service Catalog Accelerator" which sounds like something right out of Star Trek (TOS of course!)

From their site we learn that if offers:-

- Rich out of the box content that covers over 70 percent of common IT services and associated workflows out-of-the-box, saving you time and delivery industry best-practices

- The ability to leverage your catalog and enable standardized demand management through a web-based request portal

- Out of the box reports and dashboard capabilities to deliver service visibility and enhance IT planning and optimization

- You can achieve all of these benefits from your catalog in as little as 60 days

Now, it's the last point that we REALLY like!

I've contacted Centrata via e-mail to ask them if they would like to provide us with a special guest article on how this is achieved.

And further on we also learn:-

"By deploying Centrata’s Service Catalog Accelerator, you’ll guarantee results:
- Improved Quality & Predictability of IT by standardizing IT
- Reduced Costs by improving operational and capital efficiency
- Improved Customer Satisfaction by setting expectations and proactively communicating IT’s value
- Improved IT – Business Alignment by focusing IT on what’s business-critical through actionable SLAs"

It's not that I'm sceptical - I've just been around for a while - so, if this product really does the trick then its going to be extremely valuable to a lot of us in our ITIL quests.

In the meantime - if anyone's got any first hand practical experience please let us know by posting a comment below...

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