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We have uncovered the location of 29 essential guides to process management covering the spectrum of ITIL disciplines.

Each guide is FREE to access using the link below.

Whether you are looking for further inspiration as to how to continue to improve your processes - or you are brand new to ITIL - look no further.

Please note - guides listed in GREEN are aimed at advanced practitioners only. The concepts covered are complex and should only be reviewed by experienced ITIL people.

Anyway, to give you an idea, here's the full list:-

1. Process Management
2. Developing Robust Processes
3. Establishing Mutually Beneficial Process Metrics
4. Change Management—Part 1
5. Change Management—Part 2
6. Change Management—Part 3
7. Audit Reconnaissance: Releasing Resources Through the IT Audit new
8. Problem Management
9. Problem Management–Part 2: Process Design
10. Problem Management–Part 3: Process Implementation

11. Business Continuity Emergency Communications Plan
12. Capacity Planning – Part One: Why It is Seldom Done Well
13. Capacity Planning – Part Two: Developing a Capacity Planning Process
14. Capacity Planning — Part Three: Benefits and Helpful Tips
15. Capacity Planning – Part Four: Hidden Upgrade Costs
16. Improving Business Process Management, Part 1 new
17. Improving Business Process Management, Part 2
18. Major Elements of Facilities Management
19. Major Physical Exposures Common to a Data Center
20. Evaluating the Physical Environment
21. Nightmare Incidents with Disaster Recovery Plans

22. Developing a Robust Configuration Management Process
23. Developing a Robust Configuration Management Process – Part Two new
24. Automating a Robust Infrastructure Process new
25. Improving High Availability — Part One: Definitions and Terms new
26. Improving High Availability — Part Two: Definitions and Terms new
27. Improving High Availability — Part Three: The Seven R's of High Availability
28. Improving High Availability — Part Four: Assessing an Availability Process
29. Methods for Brainstorming and Prioritizing Requirements new

(Guides highlighted in GREEN are for advanced practitioners)

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