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A special welcome message...

Hi, my name's Robin Yearsley and I've been involved in IT and IT Service Management for over 15 years now, specializing in ITIL for the last ten years.

How times have changed!

I originally started Dr. ITiL in February 2005 with the sole intention of hunting down quality ITIL information and posting it for the benefit of 'newbies' and experts alike.

It's difficult to believe looking back now, but there used to be a distinct lack of valuable free content - in fact - Dr. ITiL was the first and only Blog running that was dedicated to ITIL!

As you know, all that's changed now and there are a wide variety of excellent Blogs, sites, articles and RSS news channels appearing almost every week.

I have also changed my approach to Blogging about ITIL and developed a more focussed new Blog which covers more advanced ITIL and ISO / IEC 20000 articles.

So in January 2006, I decided to 'cease' any new posts.

So, is this the end for the Dr. ?

Interestingly, Dr. ITiL still receives over 10,000 page views each month from all corners of the globe and is very well ranked within Google.

I guess it must still be proving useful to many ITIL people wishing to learn more about specific topics - so I've decided to give 'him' a gentle spring clean and leave all the articles in tact.

Please accept my apologies for any broken links - obviously things change on a daily basis across the Web - but I'll do my best to keep things useful!

However, using a clever mixture of searching through the Google Bar and clicking on Links in the Categories Side Bar, you can find wonderful examples of ITIL process guides, ITIL templates, ITIL PDF's and sample reports on just about every ITIL topic you can imagine.

Everything's FREE! I've always maintained that policy for this Blog.

I hope you find what you need... if you don't chances are you can find it below...


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Wishing You Great Service!

Robin Yearsley.