Managing Organizational Change - It's Vital for ITIL

Today, the Dr. ITIL team are pleased to highlight some practival advice about Organizational Change which is fundamental in any ITIL implementation projet. This article is taken from a U.K. Consultancy website and covers: 14 organizational change principles, how to manage this type of change and 11 quality organizational tips (reproduced below).

Organizational change tips:-

Use a team approach that involves many stakeholders in the change management process
recognise that organisational change can only be achieved through people, and therefore change management must address their emotional needs

Recognise that organisational change takes time and resources and results should not be expected too soon

Organisational change needs skills and business awareness training, under investment is a false economy

Organisational change plans are critical but they need to serve and not enslave, realise therefore that they will have to be adapted as needs and circumstances change

Be systematic when establishing and implementing organisational change

Educate organisational change sponsors and help them develop an "intellectual understanding" of new work practices

Remember that during change management performance often gets worse before improvement begins to appear, always reassure stakeholders that this is natural but that through their dedication improvement will be achieved

Share power and empower others to implement organisational change

Seek out people who are interested in making substantial changes in working practice to champion organisational change

Realise that in getting people ready for organisational change there is a risk that taking too long could appear to be indecisive and consequently people will lose interest and motivation.

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