Validate The Quality Of Your Change Documentation

Australia's National Electricity Market Management Company (NEMMCO) publishes an excellent example of a Change Management IT Procedure Manual on it's site at

For anyone who wishes to begin creating their own Change Management Manual, or for experts who wish to validate their own manual against another high quality one, this link will provide you with free access to read the 49 page manual in order to gain some insights.

In our view, the NEMMCO manual complements the ITIL standard and keeps commerciality to the fore. Some of the contents include:- Objectives and Principles, Definition of Change, Scope, Change Management Criteria, Implementation of the Change Management Process...Authorisation for Change to Proceed, Participant Involvement, Dispute Resolution...Roles and Responsibilities, Delegated Authority, Change Management Working Group, assessment/authorisation and implementation process, response windows and release management.

Please read the NEMMCO disclaimer & reservation of rights:- >>Nemmco Disclaimer<<

Access to read the manual:- >>Change Management Manual<<