Grasp The Essentials of ITIL in only 30 Minutes

Do you need to quickly and effectively communicate the essential of ITIL to someone - but perhaps only have 30 minutes to do it in? Quite a challenge - but it can be done.

Matthew Kayes and Kory Smith of Sietel Leeds and Associates have put together an excellent 108 page FREE presentation covering the essentials of ITIL.

This is quite a feat - they should be congratulated for combining several volumes of text into one quality presentation pack.

We believe this pack will be invaluable in providing you with a great basis for communicating ITIL to senior executives in your organisation, or perhaps for helping you to shape your thoughts on how to create your own presentation to other Service Teams.

The FREE 108 page presentation (pdf format) contents are:-

- What is ITIL?
- Who is using ITIL?
- Integrated Process Workflow
- ITIL Goals
- Overview, goals and benefits of each ITIL Process
- ITIL Components
- ITIL Exam Essentials
- The Structure of ITIL
- ITIL in a Continuous Service Improvement Environment
- Overview of Service Support Processes
- Overview of Service Delivery Processes
- FREE sample ITIL Exam Questions
- ITIL Security Management
- ITIL Financial Management
- ITIL Operations Assessment

Link to the presentation now (pdf file)