ITIL Service Support and Delivery - FREE 101 Primer

"A picture speaks a thousand words", which is handy because Dr. ITIL presents an excellent link to a high powered graphical presentation covering ITIL Service Support and Service Delivery.

The link is attributed to those clever folk at Pink Elephant who specialize in Service Management training and service consultancy (

What we like about this particular presentation is the layout and challenging nature of the text that underpins the graphics.

The presentation covers all the disciplines of Service Support and Service Delivery in each of the following areas:-

- Definitions
- Activities
- Benefits
- Challenges
- Metrics and Management Reports

The presentation will be useful for students revising their ITIL theory for their ITIL Managers (Masters) Exams as well as anyone who just needs a re-fresher of ITIL Service Support and Service Delivery.

Access the Presentation Pack (PDF Format)