An Introduction to the Service Maturity Model

Ok, so you've implemented your ITIL process(es) and feeling good about yourself and life in general.

So, what's next?

Well, congratulations you're now into the realms of Continuous Service Improvement and what better way to plot your course and measure your progress that to use the Capability Maturity Model.

The Service Maturity Model (SMM) helps answer the questions:-

- How well is my specific service performing?

- Are the culture, processes and supporting technologies all appropriate for what we're trying to achieve?

- In our environment, what is it reasonable for customers to expect?

- Are we meeting the end-to-end needs of the customers?

- The customer should only need to be concerned with the service delivered to them, not how the various components fit together to deliver make up the service.

For instance, they care that Internet is unavailable, rather than that the transparent proxy is the cause. When the customer wants to access an application, identity management, desktop, server and network all contribute to this end.

- What are the key things we should look at to do things better?

- What do I need to do?

- Where do others need to make a contribution to improve the overall customer experience?

- How can I achieve visible improvement without breaking the bank?

- Where do the other components in the overall service?

Do you agree with me - the IT Infrastructure Library is missing a good CMM?

Perhaps they will include one in the 'upgrade' to ITIL that's widely expected in Q4/06?
In the meantime, if you would like to learn more about the Capability Maturity Model - why not click the link below, it will instantly transport you to a nice 5 page PDF file from the University of Melbourne explaining the basics.

In particular check out the detailed appendix on page 5. Very nice!

Learn more about the CMM here...

Did you know? Dr. ITIL contains several other articles on CMM. Please use the Google Search Bar to track them down (at the top of this page).