What's the Value of Service Delivery?

This pragmatic and sensible white paper, provided by partners in IT looks to set out some real life ways of winning one over on those Finance Bods (or bean counters as they are sometimes known) by revealing some of the ways that you can prove Service Delivery adds value.

Visit them anytime at www.partners-in-it.co.uk.

As well as some very enlightening ideas within this paper, there are three very useful 'template concepts' that could come in handy in your own presentations highlighting:-

1. Reducing the "cost per call" within a typical Service Desk and Support Model (nice layout)

2. An example of a Services Balanced Scorecard (good concept for use with ITIL!)

3. A Service Delivery Value Chart (again, a smart layout and format - could be useful)

The paper closes out with a great summary too...

"So to summarise the key points of how to develop a Value Proposition for your IT service delivery activity: -

• Understand your own cost base and why you spend what you do

• Make the financial accounts visible as they relate to your operation

• Manage the infrastructure as if you were spending your own money

• Drive for ‘best practice’ to eliminate overheads and demonstrate skill

• Use benchmarking as a way of discovering the scope for improvement

• Market infrastructure services as value-adding, not just a cost overhead"

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