ITIL and the Business Perspective

If we didn't have Customers - we wouldn't have a job. So probably a good idea to cast your eyes over this presentation!

At the end of the day - IT Service Management is all about delivering world class service to Customers. Oftentimes our Customers are not just the end consumers of our businesses products and services but the business units themselves - the so-called internal Customers. They expect quality delivery too. Sometimes they are even more demanding, due to their proximity, but that's another article!

The core IT Infrastructure Library gave birth to "The Business Perpsective" this year which was published to help IT Service Providers ensure that they are aligned with their Business and interfacing effectively.

Some business folks we know may also have borrowed a copy to learn a thing or too about what life's like in a Service Delivery organization. There's some common challenges... but hey... ITIL's acronym starts with IT right?!

Colin Rudd ( has produced a insightful presentation pack (PDF) on the Business perspective of IT Service Delivery. The 25 page pack is full of "a picture paints a thousand words" stlye charts, specfically covering:-

- Concepts
- The Value of IT
- Unified Matrix Management
- Value Chains and Governance
- Business / IS Alignment
- Understanding the Business Viewpoint
- Managing the Provision of Service

The Pack also includes a complete Process Model which outlines how IT Service can align itself with the Business. There's a great 45 process step chart near the end as well that positions the Service Support and Service Delivery functions within the overall context of Business Alignment, through to the underpinning Supplier service.

Learn More About Business Alignment Here