What to Expect From Your ITIL Implementation

I caught an article yesterday, originally published in www.express-computer.com (India's only IT Business Weekly!) after researching how ITIL adoption was progressing in India.

Obviously with the proliferation of Indian Call Centers and massive investment by the big 5 IT power houses over the last 3 years - there's going to have to be a massive need for ITIL in India too!

The capability to deliver world class service, consistently meet SLA's and drive down costs further for the benefit of western clients is important for the long term development and growth of India's economy.

For example, with the excellent ongoing success stories coming out of Bangalore it's no wonder that faith in Indian Organizations is now being extended into Back-Office and Mid-Office functions by the IT giants.

It's very interesting to read what the expectation is about ITIL implementation though:-

- It helps reduce costs when developing procedures and practices within an organisation
- It reassures customers that the services are being provided in accordance with documented procedures that can be audited
- It also provides feedback from SLA monitoring
- It facilitates co-operation between a service provider and the client organization
- It substantially reduces the risk of not meeting business requirements for IT

I don't necessarily agree that all these benefits will be realised with ITIL - unless you specifically set out to achieve those objectives through your ITIL Implementation.

They don't come guaranteed just because it's ITIL-like processes, procedures and the like you're implementing!

Anyway, why not take a look at the full article and decide for yourself...

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