ITIL be alright on the Night

Lot's of excellent ITIL articles (and article tITIL's!) coming through the media in August, this one by Sue Bushell ( rings very true for me personally.

Sue covers:-

- ITIL scepticism
- ITIL history
- Governments 'love' of ITIL
- ITIL use and adoption
- Lessons learnt
- Cultural issues

As well as touching on these central themes Sue also regularly quotes people who have implemented ITIL and reveals their (sometimes) telling comments about the risks and considerations that need to be managed to make your ITIL Implementation a big success.

One particular comment struck a chord with me, as stated by one interviewee:-

""It would have been a real help if ITIL had more practical real-life examples and extracts of service catalogues and CMDBs."

I couldn't agree more. After a few weeks in the Editors chair at Dr. ITIL, we've come to the conclusion that real tangible examples are just not out there at the moment for public consumption. We have found some flavours of Service Catalogs (Use Google Search at the top of this page to find them in Dr. ITIL) but a complete guide to creating your CMDB (along with hints on data structures mapped to ITIL Process flows) is no where to be seen.

Can you help?

If you have found any quality CMDB links - or you have a "How To" guide ready to go - please post a comment below and we'll do the follow-up reseach and post it for the benefit of other CMDB practitioners.

Access Sue's full article here