ITIL Gets its Turn on the Dancefloor !

Saturday nITIL Fever - It's ITIL's turn on the dancefloor!

We uncovered this really great article last week by Mark Holland writing for CIO Magazine ( entitled "ITIL Thoughts" but there was a line a few paragraphs in that really made us laugh, it reads...

"ITIL, so long an industry wallflower, is about to get its turn on the dance floor."

Here in the office, we all had the same thought, at the same time, hence the image above!!

Now, we're not comparing ITIL to John Travolta in any way (no John's far to slick for that!) but I guess implementing ALL of ITIL successfully would make you want to dance around and wave your arm in the air!

Seriously though, Mark's article is very interesting and before you cut to the link and read it all take note along the way of his key points:-

- One US company recently signed a $1 million consulting contract to implement ITIL across its enterprise

- Leading computer maker Dell has just requested 1000 sets of ITIL books for its staff

- Microsoft now has 3000 ITIL-trained staff around the world

So, clearly ITIL is building huge momentum in the US right now - we will have forthcoming articles about ITIL adoption in India, China and Japan soon...