Dr. ITiL Reports on ITiL Trends

Most days Dr. ITiL likes to Blog and comment a lot on other people's sites. It adds to the community spirit and leads to interesting interactions and new articles.

Take a look at Chris Jablonski's Blog on ZDNet where Dr. ITiL has featured a couple of times.

Here one of our guest Bloggers, Robin Yearsley, reports on some key trends that we have experienced here over the last six months.

Robin has crunched some data from our site stats to reveal:-
Most popular articles:-
- Exam Tips
- Service Catalogs
- Benefits of ITIL

Most hits received from:-
1st - US
2nd - UK
3rd - India

Fastest Growing Interested Country:-

Most requested Articles:-
- Free Process Maps
- Free CMDB layout/templates
- ITIL job descriptions

Longest visit duration:-
- 2 hours, 36 minutes (Visitor from India)

Number of subscribers:-
- February = 16
- June = 219
- September = 901

Cost of access to articles and materials:-
- 0$ (and always will be)

Number of times we've struggled to post (and reason) but managed it in the end:-
- 1 X illness
- 3 X holiday
- 16 X lack of decent material (but not really since June this year!)

Number of times we like to see you come back and see us.... lots!