Learn to Design and Build Your Service Catalog

Well I never, I've seen the first training course being offered in how to design and build your Service Catalog.

From the newScale website (www.newscale.com) we learn, "The IT Service Catalog – Essential to ITIL Success The Service Catalog is critical to ensuring that IT services align with the needs of the business.

By establishing and publishing standardized service offerings – with associated service levels and costs – the IT organization can more effectively manage demand for services. And by ensuring standardization and repeatable processes, the Service Catalog can help IT leaders to drive down costs while still achieving a high level of service.

An essential element for ITIL or any process-based IT transformation initiative, the Service Catalog is the foundation for defining services and communicating with business customers and users.

As prescribed in the most recent ITIL Business Perspective publication from the Office of Government Commerce, the Service Catalog is the focal point for communication between IT and the business – and an essential vehicle for marketing what IT does and how well it does it.

With a Service Catalog, the IT organization can:-

- Describe IT services in a way that customers understand what IT provides and its value to the business

- Establish standards for service level agreements (SLAs) & operational level agreements (OLAs)

- Provide a foundation for planning budgets, monitoring service consumption, and managing costs

- Influence user behavior with standardized service ordering processes and well-defined service options

- Improve service quality and predictability through streamlined service fulfillment processes"

newScale report that people "will receive hands-on training in best practice service definition, working with real-world examples – gaining first-hand experience with fully developed, widely tested and broadly adopted Service Catalog templates in use at the IT organizations of some of the most respected Fortune 500 corporations."

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