The Power of IT - From ITIL to IT Strategy

Once in a while we come across a powerful resource that we want to highlight to you immediately.

Jan De Sutter's excellent, "The Power of IT" takes us on a journey from Infrastructure Essentials and Process Management, right through to IT Strategy and Organizational structure.

Key contents include:-

- Process Management and best practices

- IT Infrastructure Essentials

- Best practices in IT Resource Management
- IT Strategy and Tactics

- Costing, Charging and Budgeting (The Financial Perspective)
- Process re-engineering and best practice (including ITIL)

- Project Lifecycle Management (modeling and best practices)
- Organizational forms and best practices

- Pages of web links to explore topics in more detail

- Lists of further reading guides

In fact this massive 507 page powerful resource is such incredibly good value and in our view well worth learning more about, we've featured it here.

Core sections are also packed full of web links, further reading and insightful background.

The Dr. ITIL team have reviewed "The Power of IT" in depth over the last few days and we believe it will help out a wide variety of IT and Service Management professionals, as follows:-

- Boost ITIL students' essential IT knowledge

- Drive improvements in your IT Strategy and Business Strategy Alignment

- Improve the quality of "Service" to "Infrastructure" process linkages

- Provide valuable guidance for non-technical people on IT Infrastructure

- Contains collections of excellent web links and further reading advice

However, one of the most compelling reason to check this resource today is for the IT human resources and organizational best practices section.

So often missing in other IT resources, these essential chapters provide you with quality advice and guidance on the people element of IT.

We think this will be a excellent and well utilized resource to complement your existing ITIL resources. Visit Jan De Sutter's site via this link today to check out some FREE sample pages and the complete detailed contents list.

Learn more about The Power of IT here...